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This was fun for them because it was kind of like a craft, it involved recycling, and they also got to play with warm-but-not-hot wax. The kids divided the lint up and packed each compartment of the egg carton with lint.

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This activity had a small gross-out factor for them when they realized just how much lint comes off our clothes in the dryer! That led to a discussion of how flammable lint is and why the lint trap must be cleaned after each load.

See, this is an educational craft too! Once the carton was packed with lint, we used the wax warmer lamp to warm up each melt.

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Once the wax liquified, the boys took turns pouring the melted wax over one compartment in the egg carton. This is a pretty old method of making firestarters I remember it being in my Girl Scout book when I was a kid!

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